Monday, March 8, 2010

Cultural sensitization: Brazilian girls!!!!

"As many have liked this article and requested me to reload, here it is for your ready reference. Thanks a lot for your appreciation and confronting."

Well, I have been enough long in Brazil and I came across a few girls during my stay and what the apparent differences I could make in girls from Brazil and India, I am noting down here...

It is indeed funny and useful to know them in this way! They are much open and broad minded as we all know and expect. They are independent and confident. Beautiful of course!! They care too much about their appearances and physics. Even when there face is not gracious, there physics is enough to take your wicket. In short confident, independent and beautiful...

But as there is a lot of difference between Indian and Brazilian culture, the way they behave can be very different for us. We are likely to be clean bold at the very first acquaintance with any Brazilian girl. She is likely to ask you, your name and country and after knowing that, that you are an Indian (the country is immaterial in this case) they will scream like "Injiano" and are just going to hug you closely and kiss you on your cheeks and before you come out of the shock they expect you to do the same without waiting!!!!!! Then you start with the communication saying this is not normal to us and they will entertain you a bit thinking how weird we are!! Then as you go along talking to them you are going to come across the following weapons which these girls use, so be aware. Here I am listing out the things they usually say (and do not mean) with actually what they intend to say.

So the first one is: "I like you"
This sentence is likely to come after 15 min of your first communication with any girl. This means you are not that bad and I can drag it further to next meeting with you!!!

Second one is: "I like the way you live/look/smile/ wear dress/ etc"
This is the sentence to just drag your attention to them and make you remember that you need to praise them as well. This also indicates that she is still in doubt about a relationship with you but you are not that bad to neglect you at first go!!!!

Third one is "I love you"
This is the statement which can come after second or third meet. Be aware!! This is just not the love, this can be friendship love, acquaintance love, kissing love (meaning she will love to kiss you and nothing else) or even nothing!! This can be said to anybody she met in last few days and she will not mind having a short term relationship with him. She can use this statement indifferently with many at different times and different locations!!

Forth one: "I want to see you / I can't wait to see you"

This means she wants to meet you and as there is no other exiting plan yet fixed for weekend, so why don't you come and entertain me a little?

Fifth one: "I miss you so much"
This means there is nobody else right now talking to her, television is passing boring things, still there is some time to go to party and she do not know what to do, nobody is around and she came across your no in phone-book contacts. So do not fly.

After some meets like this, if you are really really nice to her and she has not came across anybody better than you, you will come across more weapons as you will proceed with relationships. She can be only one for you, but for her there can be many like you. So when she prefers someone else over you, the things will start changing like this:

The first one: "We are different" (In attachment with I still like you)
This means I like you for what you are, but you are not the one I want.

The second one: "Don't you think that you r not talking care of ur looks now a days?"(In attachment with I still like the way you live/look/smile/ wear dress/ etc)
It means you look nice and you have got a style but now I know one more who is more stylish!!

The third one: "We should find out our own ways" (In attachment with I still love you)
This is like I got my choice (or say better option) and you should let me live happily with him.

The forth one: "I am busy this weekend" (In attachment with I want to see you / I can't wait to see you)
This means I could have found some time for you, but I have more exiting plans than meeting you.

The fifth one: "I miss you so much"
This is after you tried to meet her and she couldn't and you still missing her since long and then called her and she says this. This is like keeping a way back to you. They do not like close it at once, may be they need you back again!!

Here it is very normal to engage and disengage in relationships unlike India. Also I must mention that Brazil has made a great progress to invent a lubrication which makes this engagement and disengagement so smooth that people just move on so easily. So it is a nice country to have fun but if you are serious about it then better play safe.

Disclaimer: This article is meant for fun and based on observations in close vicinities where I have been in Brazil includes experiences of self, friends, local people and covers majority. Not all girls are like this here. I personally know few who dis-prove my own write-up above.


  1. Hi Chetan , I was doubting u till i find that red lines. Always good dont generalize people as u did previously in ur lines.
    I am sure u didnt have time to get in relationship with so many girls in Brazil,to judge the whole country as u did.
    Anyway, u are good writer..but better stay in fictional side hehehe
    All the best ;-)

  2. i will try too.. ;) thanks a lot for ur wishes..

  3. chetanji, you increase the curosity regarding the brazil country, I wish If I could be their

  4. Very nice article.
    We want a big book to be written after some years which will add more experince from Brazil.

    Keep it up!!!

  5. Hii, Chetan Agrawal...I'm a Brazilian girl...I was reading some friends posts when I found your blog...which was a shocking surprise to know how bad I am (Brazilian girl)...I couldn't avoid leaving my indignacy after reading this post. I do wish you meet more girls in my country, because I guess you are not going aroound the right places. Meeting good people is also related to where you go. Unfortunately, good people and bad ones there are everywhere...I wish you start meeting nice ones and change the in this post...following your friend's tip would also be nice...hehehe...
    I hope I don't have the same idea about boys when I arrive in India this end of the year. Sorry if I was rude in my post...but I felt really bad after reading such things about me...afterall I am a Brazilian girl...hehe
    Best luck for you :)

  6. Thanks KK for finding time to read the post and post a comment here. For all the good girls I have those red lines in the post and this article is more for fun than descrimination. I know there r good girls in Brazil and I also know reasons of being bad for girls in Brazil. Most men there r not trustworthy as well thats why the girls there take hell lot of time to believe any one. Thats why they keep hitting on many men at a time to get a right choice.

    But only thing is that Indians are not like Brazilian men. If they get serious abt a brazilian gal it can hurt and this post is based on some evidences which were sour so.. but pls read red lines they r for u!!

    Thanks for all ur wishes!!

  7. Thanks, Chetan Agrawal for your words... apologies are right about few things in your comment...but generalized again...hehehe...there are good boys in Brazil...lots of bad ones... but there are trustful guys who are worthy getting married with…hehehe
    About Indian boys...I am also sure that there are both kinds of boys, not only there but all over the world...I have to say that Indian boys are usually pretty kind, what is something positive, however, in some situations we also get fooled…heheh.
    What may have done you feel like that about Brazilian girls is that we are used to express our feelings very openly and we are easygoing, most of the times…heheh...I mean it is normal to kiss friends on the cheek and hug...and it doesn't mean we are flirting or anything similar...boys here know when we are in love and when it is only friendship...the look changes...the way we talk and what we talk...things are different when it is love...however I guess girls in India don't get as close to boys like we do when they are friends so you might have got confused with such attitude. You can get serious about a Brazilian girl, you have only to tell her about your feelings and see what she tells you… she will tell you politely what she feels, and it will be the truth… no matter how shy she is…Brazilian girls learn since they are kids to express their deepest feelings.
    My best wishes... :)

  8. Hello Chetan.....
    I found this blog very funny....

  9. Haha, very funny blog! The Brazilian culture is certainly quite different and confusing for many of us. Men are being allured by the flirty girls here and misunderstand it for more very often (same the other way round ;))). I wish you good luck & hope you'll enjoy your time in Brasil. Thanks for wrting that blog! :)

  10. Hiiii Chetan....

    I like to read the articles which are being written after making certain assumption about behaviour of girls... As a part of fun i enjoyed to read this article...hehehe....

    But the thing i would like to tell on behalf of girls that any boy cannot understand appropriately the feeling of girls by her behaviour... because basically it is not dependent on the behaviour of the girl but it is dependent on the perspective of the boy who is judging...
    Words are only the powerful weapons to get to know what what she is feeling....I am not critisizing.... just giving you an advice... hehe..

    As I am an Indian girl I would expect that the article should be written about the Indian girl which will be more funny to read...hehehe..... You are a good writer & created a good fun out of this article....

    Best luck.....

  11. Manjeet,

    Thanks a lot for your wishes and spending time on this article.

    I will definately write about Indian girls and my Indian experiences soon on attachment to this blog on separate page.

  12. Hi again! kkk.....i laughed a lot reading this article...and u know, i like some comments as karina and anothers brazilian girls too, bt i needto say i agree with u Chetan!! actually all persons that coment above r right in some points...well, i think we have a lot of foolish girls, nt all, bt just few dood brazilians girls r still free to marry! the brazilian girls r so very good wives, they can love u with whole her heart, she cans die for u.
    Well, bt i know red lines was for me too, lol, bcz actually Poonam is my indian name,bt i am a dood brazilian girl....hehehe,and my boyfriend is a "indiano" so he gave me this name....we r together last 1 year and soon i hope he cans live here to marry am very happy with him and i think indianos r very good boys...
    u is a good writer....and i still dd nt read...u came to jeri, guaramiranga, aracati, all litlle cities of ceara...and fortaleza? u know it? dd u come here too?

  13. Thanks a lot for all ur comments. Ya I have been to Fortaleza manier times and know it very well. Also Ceara, many places I know there.

  14. Hahaha. I tend to agree with most of your views, but you guys in india are soooooo conservative, that the brazilian girls actually tone it down. I'm chilean, and as all latins, we also hug and kiss a lot over here. So for us it's like this:

    1 minute: Hug and kiss back, say "I love brasil! The girls here are gorgeous and so nice." and after 2 minutes of flirting or so, she drops the "I really like you"
    5 minutes: "Let's have a drink"
    15 minutes: Drunk.
    30 minutes: Dancing.
    2 hours: "This is so strange... I've never really done something like this before but..."

    Next day: She doesn't consider this to be a relationship, but would love to keep in touch. For your average brazilian girl who is into foreigners, if you haven't had sex after a third date, there's a high chance she'll think you're either not interested or you have become one of those untouchable friends.

    Haha. And no, it doesn't work that way in my country either. And yeah, not everyone is like that, but the more outgoing people are the most liberal ones, and also the ones more likely to engange in conversations with foreigners.

    Oh, and about the brazilian girl complaining. It's pretty normal. ALL of the brazilian girls I've been with act like saints, and get really offended if you say their country is a haven for singles. But proceed to sleep with you after dancing for 3 hours. Then, if you stick around, they will tell you it's not common for them. And then they will tell you about their 15 former boyfriends and how faithful they were to some of them.

  15. Thanks a lot Mister K for all the time you spent to go through my post and then to write your views.

    I liked your views.