Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy new year 2014!!!

As such there is nothing like a new year starting on Jan 1 of 2014. All that we mean is our counting has reached 2014 since when we started. Nothing changes overnight and there is nothing which will significantly change with the change in the date very next day. All that it gives is a chance to refresh ourselves mentally and we can restart the things once again which we wanted to do and we left them just like that. On this note, lets say a new year is started... and thus I wish a very happy and successful year to all..


Till wishing it is alright but will it happen automatically without we being thoughtful about it? The answer is obvious no. So the idea of new year is to use it's newness to our benefit by reviewing our last year's time-frame for achievements and setbacks both professionally and personally. Once we jot them down, the same list will give us the agenda to work this year. 

Achievements are results of good habits and these habits needs to continue. Setbacks are results of lack of enough efforts and thus they give us areas to work upon. Additionally we need to give a thought to what we want to have this year which we never had. Adding this together we shall derive the agenda for the year. Last step needed is to convert this agenda into small doable actions which will need our commitment to bear fruits in this year. This is how the bar can be raised every year.

Indians have already decided to change for positive and the changes are evident in the just declared election poll results. Delhi is on fast track with AAP. Interesting to see the winds of positive energy. Lets take inspiration from this and start contributing individually to self development by raising the bar which will indeed contribute to great cause of nation. I am on it and lets see how many gets benefited from the post. If you get some inspiration from this post, please do not forget to comment and let me know that I am not alone.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Overcoming the past..

Today as I take a moment to stop and observe my own life which I walked so far, I am filled with satisfaction and believe me it is a great feeling!!! I am very happy with my progress in the life and where I am today, the choices I made and the outcomes of them, the balance I had with my work and life, the report card of my responsibilities and the feeling of self contentment.

I had a few regrets in past and today as I am writing this post, I have overcome all of them and they do not exist. I am totally light and I would prefer to die in such any day where I have this feeling in my heart!!!

On the other way, as our last day is not in our hand in this world, it is great to look forward to it and be prepared. I live life on that term and thus I am content today.

One golden rule: think like today is last day of our life and note what are the important things in life are still left over. What you will note are the things which actually matters and next morning is the best time to start perceiving them. May be you do not have all possible next day, but you will get the direction of your life what to hold on to and what to leave... I feel sad about many lives which are wasted in perceiving what they did not actually need!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Missing my angel..

Now I understand what it takes to become father and how much one cares his children being a father...

You come home tired of work and just enter the door and she gives a smile and then makes sound for you to lift her in arms to play with her.. No matter how tired you are you will get refreshed in seconds!!! This miracle I am experiencing these days!

No matter how many times in the night she wakes up and makes you wake as well, I love that sweet disturbance and I love to put a hand on her back and comfort her to sleep again!!!

No matter how much many times she breaks my link of work, I am not tired to start all over again!!!

The home is too silent when she is away. I miss you my angel desperately!!!

See I got time to write about you only in your absence.. come home soon!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Smiling with the cute smile..

I am blessed with a daughter on 16th April this year and then a smile started spreading all across my family starting with her first cry. Soon the angel became the single point of attraction and every activity done by the innocent beauty was equally cherished by every one around her.

She is the first baby of our generation in my family and thus everyone was awaiting the cute smile and innocence to play in the home since quiet a time. As she is getting acustmized in this world we are enjoying our childhood once again.I am smiling with every  smile of hers.. 

Her curiosity, her aggression, her anger, her (out of the world)words (and music), her tenderness, her innocence, her soft skin, her fragrance.. no words are enough to explain the time spent with the Divine gift of childhood!!! I am enjoying the blessing of being father and doing everything with lots of love which once I thought I would never do.

Respect for my parents has been reinforced as I am learning slowly that what it takes to grow up a child and it is just the start!!! Love you mom and dad!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

My birthday yesterday..

Yesterday was my birthday again and unlike any of my previous birthdays I did not receive wishes from most of my people. Moreover strangely I did not feel anything about it. :D

This is in line with where I want to go. I want to become mature enough where every single day is gift and each day is as important as my birthday would be. That's when since a year or two, I stopped giving undue importance to any of the occasions so far. This made me feel each moment equally and everyday an important day of my life.

While doing so, I know not all people would feel like me or want to be like me. That's why I still keep wishing people on their birthdays, anniversaries, achievements, rewards, etc because may be a wish from me may help them making their day! It is like wishing them on their day just because they feel it is important.

Also I have observed, I started forgetting birthdays of the people who really do not matter and I used to remember them just because I do. I became casual in wishing people in my profile just because they exist! So more or less it helped me in segregating people who really matter to me and on the other hand (may be because I am not wishing many) many have stopped wishing me.

After all what remains in the end that matters!!! Only four are required to take you to the final destination. Rest is crowd following!!!