Sunday, November 10, 2013

Overcoming the past..

Today as I take a moment to stop and observe my own life which I walked so far, I am filled with satisfaction and believe me it is a great feeling!!! I am very happy with my progress in the life and where I am today, the choices I made and the outcomes of them, the balance I had with my work and life, the report card of my responsibilities and the feeling of self contentment.

I had a few regrets in past and today as I am writing this post, I have overcome all of them and they do not exist. I am totally light and I would prefer to die in such any day where I have this feeling in my heart!!!

On the other way, as our last day is not in our hand in this world, it is great to look forward to it and be prepared. I live life on that term and thus I am content today.

One golden rule: think like today is last day of our life and note what are the important things in life are still left over. What you will note are the things which actually matters and next morning is the best time to start perceiving them. May be you do not have all possible next day, but you will get the direction of your life what to hold on to and what to leave... I feel sad about many lives which are wasted in perceiving what they did not actually need!!!

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