Thursday, October 4, 2012

Smiling with the cute smile..

I am blessed with a daughter on 16th April this year and then a smile started spreading all across my family starting with her first cry. Soon the angel became the single point of attraction and every activity done by the innocent beauty was equally cherished by every one around her.

She is the first baby of our generation in my family and thus everyone was awaiting the cute smile and innocence to play in the home since quiet a time. As she is getting acustmized in this world we are enjoying our childhood once again.I am smiling with every  smile of hers.. 

Her curiosity, her aggression, her anger, her (out of the world)words (and music), her tenderness, her innocence, her soft skin, her fragrance.. no words are enough to explain the time spent with the Divine gift of childhood!!! I am enjoying the blessing of being father and doing everything with lots of love which once I thought I would never do.

Respect for my parents has been reinforced as I am learning slowly that what it takes to grow up a child and it is just the start!!! Love you mom and dad!!!


  1. 1st of all u r a very good writer, u can express perfectly what u r feeling. I felt the same about my daughter, this experience is amazing.
    I also valued my parents still more. She is very cute n sweety. I had no doubts that u were going to b the best dad of this world. Lv u my dear friend Baba g. :)

  2. Thank you Valeria for all nice words..