Saturday, August 18, 2012

My birthday yesterday..

Yesterday was my birthday again and unlike any of my previous birthdays I did not receive wishes from most of my people. Moreover strangely I did not feel anything about it. :D

This is in line with where I want to go. I want to become mature enough where every single day is gift and each day is as important as my birthday would be. That's when since a year or two, I stopped giving undue importance to any of the occasions so far. This made me feel each moment equally and everyday an important day of my life.

While doing so, I know not all people would feel like me or want to be like me. That's why I still keep wishing people on their birthdays, anniversaries, achievements, rewards, etc because may be a wish from me may help them making their day! It is like wishing them on their day just because they feel it is important.

Also I have observed, I started forgetting birthdays of the people who really do not matter and I used to remember them just because I do. I became casual in wishing people in my profile just because they exist! So more or less it helped me in segregating people who really matter to me and on the other hand (may be because I am not wishing many) many have stopped wishing me.

After all what remains in the end that matters!!! Only four are required to take you to the final destination. Rest is crowd following!!!

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