Saturday, July 28, 2012

I made it a point to move on..

Long time since when I left writing on my blog!!! It was not accidental. It is indeed intentional. The story of my blog has come to a point where I could not go further. I waited for the right time to come but it doesn't seem that it is nearby.

So I made it a point to move on... I will tune to the pace of life and take my blog to happening of present and future than the past. The past will definately be covered under some other gateway!

Need some welcome wishes!!!


  1. Welcome :) I hope u can have some free time to write abt ur baby n share with us some cute pix of her. u could tell us when she give her first steps, say d first words ...

  2. Thanks for the fist wish. I knew it will come from you!!! Thanks for being first!!!

    Definately, I will write about the angel!!