Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Icaraizinho!!! - Icarai de Amontada

Icarai de amontada is a very small place, 180 km away from Fortaleza, on the beach and full of natural beauty. This village is having a narrow access to the main road via a sand road which is as long as 20 km! If you are coming for first time to Icarai, you will feel like entering to 17th or 18th century. Unlike everyone I loved this place at first go. This place is in line with what I really love. There were no bars, no nightclubs, no parties, no high volume surrounding, etc which is just the heart of Brazil. This was the first place in Brazil where I could listen to my inside voice, sitting on the beach in the light of moon. I could listen to the breeze, to the coconut leaves, to the sea waves and feel like complete in myself. If I could leave India one day and want to live in Brazil, I will come to my beloved Icaraizinho!!!

The town was not having much advanced facilities to accommodate and eat but I was happy with the pousada I got. The town was small enough that I soon came to know about many people living there. I got familiar with them and it was the place where I could make some relations to come back. Our lunch place and dinner place were fixed. No much options indeed. But I loved both the places. The food in Hibisco was so nice that I love it more than any type of Indian food. There in particular I missed India least. I am in fond of that place.

"Lunch and dinner places"
I got a company of very nice people there. The shop owner Sonia, the waitress Rosiama, my so called daughters Andrea and Messia, the restaurant girl- Jamile, Cristina's mother, the cook from Hibisco and many others from town were the wonderful people. Only the pousada owner Petrick was not a person to whom I could really like. But it was not his fault. After all he was from France. Sonia has given me free garlic breads and coffee many times. I used to play pranks with Andrea and Messia. The cook in Hibisco used to care for taste of my food like my mother. Cristina's mother many times gave me fruits. It was always nice to stop on the lane and talk to these people. Those were the wonderful days! I used to go alone on to the beach late night a little longer from that small place in moonlight. I used to sit there on to the beach and feel the blessing of natural breeze and clamness. I loved to do that.
When I reached Icarai, the only Indian who was living there alone was waiting for me. Jatinder was his name but we called him JG. We really had nice time together and we were close that time. I liked his way of thinking and he was in line with most of my thoughts. After I came there a lot of things become easier for him and I also had a good company. Aprat from JG one more personality was waiting for me at that place and she even claimed to have seen me in her dreams!! She was Rebeca. This girl had an everlasting impression on me and I will cover her story in my next chapter.
"Rebeca and JG"
Over a period of time, I have customized my food here too. The pizza I ate became an Indian pizza on menu of a restaurant! We have played cricket across the lane besides the church and even on beach too. Even we had local players who liked to join us. Later more Indians joined us in Icarai as well. We had nice times. We had few barbiques and festas!! All memories are so wonderful and close to my heart. Finally when I needed to leave Icarai, it was really heavy. I never received a see off like that in my whole life. I will need to cover it in another chapter as well!! Icarai has carved everlasting impressions on my heart and mostly I will visit that place again.

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