Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Those were my last days in Camocim site before I would move to the next site. There was a project party for successful completion of most unsuccessful project on the weekend. It was more for “at last it is over” than some achievement. I had been long in Camocim site and because of the constraints of the place, I could hardly cover any of the nearby places which are very famous for tourism. Santosh was having the same feeling when I talked with him. So we decided to bunk that “sigh of relief” party and blast to Jeri-Caocaora which has been referred as one of the most beautiful beach on the earth by most of the tourist magazines. The Greek brave man, Palis who was also tired with this site and work over there, joined us with his innocent and beautiful girlfriend-Carlene.

The place was nearly 60 km away from our place but the road was full of dunes, rivers, back waters which we needed to cross with natural ways. It has been kept that way just to preserve the natural beauty of the place and that’s where it has been remained untouched since many years. So we decided to hire a buggy car and journey turned out to be as interesting as the destination. The buggy car picked us up in the afternoon and the first thing we needed to cross the river at Camocim with a boat. We all along with buggy boarded the boat and crossed the river. After river we started on jumpy, bumpy dunes with ups and downs at great speed. The water stored in between the cavities of dunes was making that place very beautiful. We enjoyed high speed buggy drive on the sand and were rushing through the natural roads. The droplets of rain were playing hide and seek with us and making our moments very special. The first place where we stopped was Tatajuba. I thought at least Tata reached here(:D). We had snacks there and continued to our journey.

We crossed many flowing waters with natural wood boats and at last near evening we reached there nearing dusk. We rushed our check-in in a good hotel and came out to observe the beautiful sun-set in Atlantic. Jeri is the only place where you can see the sunset in Atlantic because of its peculiar location. The sun-set, although we were little late was wonderful. The moment was eternal.There we walked through the sand roads of the town observing beautiful craft and restaurants around for dinner. We choose a typical restaurant where the food was delicious. Our pousada was nice enough to give us rest so that we can be charged up for the next day. Next day, waking up early we hired horses to go to the monumental place of Jeri-Caocaora. As we walked through the meadows over there, the surroundings were so beautiful and green that I could have just spent my life over there! Lastly we reached to that place where a rocky gate has naturally been formed and it looks like a welcome gate to Jeri. We approached to the beautiful gate and backed by Sun all the way, we hardly could resist ourselves from entering the cold and roaring water of Atlantic. We spent a good hour there and started returning to the hotel. On the way back to the home, we went to see preserved forest where in back water, first time in my life I saw a real sea horse! I always imagined that it should be like a hippo in size but I was amused to know that the big one from them is less than of size of my palm! The one, the local guide with us had caught was a female pregnant seahorse fully grown in size and he caught it within half portion of a water bottle! We also saw the red colored crabs which were the unique feature over there.
As we backed from there, we were very tired but the mood which was tired because of our stay in Camocim was refreshed for a new site. Enthusiasm was back in place and we became ready for a new challenge.

P.S. : Friends can have a view of more photos on my orkut profile.


    Firstly it was mine & Pallis plan .... u got d chance 2 come bcoz... my so called **** did not want to come....

    How you jumped off the horse when u were told to ride d horse....

    U also missed to mention LAGOA(LAGO TORTA).. amazing place in middle of sand dunes

  2. are blog kiska hai? So plan bhi mera hoga na :D :D

    Horse ride was not at all a prob.. i preferred to sit in cart looking at horse's and mine condition..

    Ya bhai, that place was amazing.. the restaurant totally surrounded by water and we really had good food there.. the beauty was amazing.. :)

  3. hi...i live here in fortaleza...and jeri is the more beautiful beach in whole!

  4. This is not only my view, I have put the photo which tells this fact. Pls click on it and read in bigger view. Namaste!!