Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sao Luiz - A wonderful experience!!

São Luiz is a capital city of state Maranhão here in north of Brazil. I have many workmates from there and I always heard from them that it is a beautiful place to visit. Also as I am counting my last few days in Brazil, (that's what I believe as on today, God knows I may come back) there was a desire to discover Brazil before I leave. These two reasons were enough to make my mind to visit this place but in addition I got a beautiful reason to be there. I came across another online friend, Silvia and she was from Sao Luiz. While I was discussing that I have Sao Luiz on my mind to discover, she showed keen interest to help me. For me by now it was easier to visit Sao Luiz than any other place in Brazil as I have got a local acquittance there. So I booked my tickets to and fro for Sao Luiz. I was not expecting much from Silvia as we never met and it has been just 5 days since we met online, when I booked the tickets. But as the day of my travel was coming closer and we were talking to each other, I really looked forward to see her. Still till the time I landed in Sao Luiz I did not expecting much from her. Chatting is one thing and reality is another and I always know this and it turned out likewise only. She was much better than I ever expected in everything!!

The time I landed in Sao Luiz was a great surprise to me. I told her that I will reach there at 2:40 in afternoon but I reached 2:10 pm. I sent her SMS that I reached and she was there at airport to pick me up by 2:30. I saw her trying to locate me and as soon as I approached her she did the same. We ended up in a warm hug!! I was not believing her that she is really looking forward to meet me when she used to say that on chat. But her hug made it very clear that she meant it. I was impressed with her at the very first moment. To my next surprise, she drives very well unlike many women! She took me to her university on the way to hotel, and it was a beautiful place to be. It made me remember my college days. By the time she was busy in some work there, I met Gabriel and Larissa, kids of the attendant . These kids were lovely and as they could not pronounce my name correctly, they give me a name Felipe, name of their best friend. Later she took me to the hotel which she already reserved for me. She choose a location near to the beach to give me a comprehensive view of the beautiful beach at Sao Luiz. We talked for a while, before she left me for her home. I got a lot of time to settle for the day, have fun at happening beach and enjoy the cold wind which was dominant that day on the beach.
She came early next morning as I had less time to cover up her city. We had break fast together and then she took me to the French historic centre. She was showing me all the land marks of her city on the way. I was shocked to listen to my favorite Hindi songs in her car the next day during the ride. I think she noticed that yesterday I was not playing much attention to the music. She has asked me during chats which songs I like. I had sent her a few. I was amazed to listen to the same songs! She has reached the best of all hospitality. Sao Luiz was named so because of a french king, she told me. For the time I was there in her city, she was my host, companion, guide, translator, driver- all together! I was completely dependent on her. We were walking through the various lanes of the only french colony Brazil had and she was guiding me about it. Lastly she took me to a shop where I bought many typical things as the memory of the city. After that walk, agua de coco (coconut water) tasted better.
She asked her friend Milena to join us for the rest of the tour. By the time she became ready, we waited on the beach. The trio later left for "Wang park" which was Chinese theme park and a must visit place. We roamed around the park and took many photos around before lunch there. I got my options to eat.
After that we proceeded to the town named Ribamar. It was having a very beautiful Church, statues of characters from the story of Bible, an open Bible statue, a cave where Jesus was shown crucified, a very big statue of a saint named Sao Jose, and very beautiful surrounding of beach nearby. Time was running quickly there, but my heart was stopped at that place. Agua de coco again made us fresh there. It is really a boon at all the beaches here in Brazil.
We came back to the city when it was already dark and when I was back on hotel, I was tired. We had dinner together before she left me for the day. Silvia and Milena was a nice company all together. The city appeared more beautiful with them. Next morning she came early at break fast and I had a flight mid-day so we preferred not to stretch it further to one more place as it was a hot day outside. We preferred to stay together at beach and talk. She dropped me at airport and it wasn't easy for both of us to accept that our time was over. May be we will never see each other again!! It was heavy. The hug lasted long. Saying bye was painful. We chose to say see you! A silence took place before we chose towards our destinies. Memories will remain forever!

This is second time I came across a beautiful relation online. I am investing in faith and reaping in relations. I have a heart to believe and may be it may harm someday, but I wanna give it a try, always!!

P.S. : Friends can have a detailed look at photos on my Orkut profile.

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