Saturday, March 13, 2010

Gauramiranga and Baturite trip!!

It was my first day of second visit to Brazil after I came back from India. Also it was a day before Niraj was supposed to leave for India. We were all together and decided to go to a short, one day trip to the place called Gauramiranga which is more or less like a fun park at some height on a hill. People over here call this place as a hill station but being an Indian(being visited hill stations in India) I could not feel it. Although the temperature over there was a little less but still it was hot enough to be called as the hill station.

I loved the road to Gauramiranga. It was a narrow road, having curves, going uphill slowly , crowded with trees on both sides and to my amazement trees were full of fruits which are ready to eat and easily accessible to all unlike in India. There were stalls of these fruits from places to places on this road where we stopped and had mangoes, corns and other varieties. It was fun all together.

We reached the Gauramiranga park and some of us started fishing. Me, being a humanitarian, could not support the idea and timidly tried to resist the same. But my efforts could not convince the enthusiastic meat monsters and my fate was to see the last efforts of those fishes caught by one of our workmate, Partha. He got three of them. I was believing that, eating animals when they are cooked and in form of a dish is one thing and killing them is other. I thought later one will be harder, but Partha proved it totally wrong.

So the 'achievements' from the pond were given to kitchen to cook. Partha like a won solider must have felt proud in serving his catchings to the group. The food was good and so the people around. Brazil is naturally beautiful. Generally you see beautiful creatures around, be it with flora and fauna or be it with human beings!!

Then we went up a little more to the hill where they believed to have a hill station. Under a construction of a communication tower, we could see hills all around from that place. The view was beautiful but the heat was considerable. We could be there for taking one or two photos, but after that the AC of the car was preferable.

We got back after a nice trip. The place is worth for a short trip and specially when you are with your friends or group like I was!!

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