Saturday, March 13, 2010

Camocim- An interesting journey!!

Camocim was the second largest project we had and the worst example in all kind of work conditions. These severe conditions and tough times, left many memories which now we can laugh at!! This place has imparted in me a lot of knowledge and developed me in all terms. I got connected with many people and some of them are worthwhile to remember forever. They will be covered separately in coming posts.

Camocim was a bigger town than the places till date we worked in. The first impression of this town was very disappointing to me and it remained forever. I still remember the day I reached Camocim. Unlike other sites, I reached there in the evening and the atmosphere in Centro of Camocim was full of nervousness. Dim lights around restaurants, instead of sea it is situated on the calm bank of river which is in term used to farm fishes and shrimps and was smelling very bad. I felt like giving up. Dinner had really no choices for me and I understood I need to really discover this place for my choices which I did later in my stay. The only pleasant thing in the middle of all these was I met again with Santosh Narayanan, Sunny in short, an important individual who has left everlasting impressions on me by his distinct personality which I will try to give justice to in my upcoming posts. After dinner we entered our pousada named Ilha. Reception was at least pleasant.
From next day the work started. The site was considerably long and we needed to wake up extra early to be there on time. This was the worst thing for Camocim. We had a bigger town to enjoy but no time to wonder in city. Everyday one and half hour was wasted just to and fro. Working hours were always long in Camocim. The day when we could see the sunset in the city will either be a Sunday or a very very lucky day!! At work we faced all possible kinds of problems ever possible in our kinda work. But crossing through them made us better professionals and smiles run on face when we look behind towards it.

With passing time, I got my food customized, pousada was changed to the most wonderful star hotel, I gathered people and things were becoming better. The best thing in Camocim was this that most of Indians were together and we did not had time to think about other feelings than work. So the time ran so quickly and left many impressions behind. I will be covering many things about these in separate posts.

Hope soon it will be! :)

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