Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Invest in faith, reap in relations!!

It is about an incidence worth to share, happened here in Brazil. I have an online friend named Valeria from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. We never mate. But used to talk about India and her Indian love. It was very interesting to mention the way we met online too. She came across my less active profile in a community in Orkut long time before and she scraped me saying she loves India and want to add me as a friend. I replied her casually and never bothered about her. After few days, when I logged in again on the same account, I saw regular scraps from her about occasions and festivals in India. I was amazed with this and kept on replying her. But then it happened that I did not log on the same account for a big gap like five months. But then when I logged in there, I found she still did not give up and the scraps for all festivals and occasions were still there. I was really impressed and added her to my regular account. She was my first friend in my active account which I did not know personally.
"My friend Valeria"
So as I added her on my account she was added automatically to my chat. As I went on chatting with her, I was thinking she is little crazy to fall in love with an Indian to whom she never met! Because I was a person who will even not add people as friends to whom I do not know personally. I could only believe her when she really planned a trip to go to India to visit him. It was a huge investment to travel to India for her too. I thought, she is still in fantasy and covering him with India. She was planning a month visit as she had complete January as holidays. But her visa took too long and she left with just 8 days to visit India. I was surprised to know that she still preferred to go India. Such a big investment to see an online date!! Then I was doubly sure that she loves him and she is going there just to visit him!! I made second mistake with the same person. First time, I did not believe her and took very long to add her in my account and second time I did not believe her that she really loved him!!!

Her visit to India was so sudden and so unsure that when she got it through and booked tickets she was so much stressed. This was her first flight to anywhere and she is going to country which doesn't speak her language, nobody to receive her at the arriving airport and moreover very less time to get prepared. The day of her departure she was trying to book a ticket from Mumbai to Trivendrum where her love lives! She could not get it through because the online booking sites did not accept her credit card, her love was not so updated to do that for her and out of nowhere she asked me to the same for her. Again as I am, I said her to send me money online by visa transfer and I will do it. She has never done that in her life and she said she can believe me.

Then I gave it a thought and decided to book a ticket for her based on my two previous experiences. I confronted her and sent her ticket. Advised her about what to do and not to do, etc and wished her best of luck and safe journey. I never believe people so easily so it took me long to believe her and more longer to believe her love. I was worried about if she is going to a wrong person in India too. But with all mercy of God, he was also the genuine person and everything went smooth. She came back and returned me my money.
"Valeria and Vipin"
So the whole loop was completed and this girl has invested in faith and reached her destiny and made me believe in faith. She made me believe that some productive relations can also be valued even without meeting. This girl has really taught me a lesson which actually can hurt sometimes but it can help us to reap very good relations. Still there are people worth to believe in this world and investing in faith can help us reap very good relations!!

Thanks a lot for being my friend. I believe you now and I value our friendship. Stay connected!!!


  1. wow baba wow once again haha
    i have no words to explain
    tk u so much for add me as ur friend
    tk u so much for make me online company nd hear every nonsense that I tell u hehe
    tk u so much for help me to meet my love :)
    tk u so much for write with so special nd nice words abt me nd my love ... not only for vipin ... my love is for ur country too ... next life i ll born in india ... I'm sure lol
    it is a honor to have u like my YAAR
    U have so sweety heart, so pure, so genuine, so firm in ur ideals, so honest, intelligent ... always ready to help a friend ... same an unknown people like me :D
    I never met someone like u ... with so much qualities nd no defects ...
    i tks God cuz He gave me the opportunity to met u ... hope that i can meet u again, nd again nd again ... in all lifes that i ll live ...

  2. Very very nice Baba! Congratulations! I´m glad there´s still a few good people like you in this world!And I´m happy we met!
    Also I´m very happy this works for Valeria!
    I wish you, Valeria, good luck with Vipin!
    As you know, we are brazilian women and we never give up to be happy and believe in love!
    LOVE IS ALL WE NEED! Let us love one another like HE loved us...
    God bless u both.

  3. Tks Mônica ... I ll need good luck ... I gave only the first step ...
    Vipin is the light in my darkness ... I'm addicted to his light ... :)

  4. Hi!
    I'm from Rio de Janeiro, I also went to Delhi last month of November to meet my indian love! It was the best moment in my life! Now I'm back to Brazil, but with a lots of plans to stay with him again!

  5. Hi,it is really very pleasant to read the blog. My love who met me on Orkut is coming soon, within a week to India from Salvador da Bahia. She is also investing on me lots. My family and me are very grateful to her. She is helping me to pursue my PhD. She is herself a Professora at reputed university. I lover her very much and I want her love and trustworthiness. Love should be eternal!