Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beberibe- Morro Branco!!!

After getting through with Canoa and Aracati, the next milestone was Beberibe. It was a very nice place and the pousada where we used to live was named Ibitu. This place was remarkable and was on a hill near the ocean. It was amazing view in the morning and very pleasant evening there with the breeze flowing all the time. Me and my Indian work mates, we used to sit usually on the wooden chairs that allow you to bow backward. We used to enjoy the cool breeze from the ocean and talk about various topics of interest. Life was not in need of anything else there. Food in Ibitu was not having much choices but whatever they had was cooked best there!! I had only one option but it used to taste just similar to "Dal" and I was more than happy to have rice with it.

"Cool Atlantic and Pousada Ibitu"

Near to the this place, there is a small town name Morro Branco. There are naturally formed dunes which form a very nice view. The first time when I was there I just felt like to be in the set of a Hollywood movie. It was too amazing for me to believe that it is real. We used to be there in meantime and have a lot of fun. It was near to the beach and one of the tourist attraction. Having an agwa de coco at beach was one of the greatest pleasure for us. It felt so nice after the tiring walk on the beach with lot of humidity and hot sunshine. Really small small things contribute to a perfect moment and happiness is just series of such events.

"Morro Branco- Wonderful place with cool people"
Overall it was fun to be in Beberibe and Morro Branco.

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