Saturday, January 16, 2010

We are responsible for what we do!!!!!!

There are two paths in the life- first the should path and the second is the path which we actually follow. We all are impure and not able to attain the supreme divine is just because we all have differences between what we should do and what we actually do.

When you ask someone for an advice, you believe them. These people who really cares for you, are likely to guide you on the path of should. It is because they actually know what should be done. But it is not always possible that in the given situation they will be able to follow their own words!! This is because they are not perfect either. Sometimes, knowingly also we do not want to follow the path of should because we are ready to pay the price of whatever is going to happen. Sometimes we love some one more than our own existence. At that time, things are done even paying the life price for it.

Simple example of this is all smokers will advise you not to smoke!! It is because they suffer, they know!! Still they are not strong enough to follow their own words. This doesn't make them guilty for advising not to smoke.

Even if someone advices you to do something, you are the one who decides what to do. Nobody can tell you what will be best for you, because they do not know you as you know yourself. If you ask someone what to do, then take their advices as a reference and give a thought to it whether you think it is right or wrong. The same thing can cause someone to become better and someone to become worse based on his own individuality.

You are responsible for what you do! Nobody else is!!! Hiding hen under the basket doesn't mean the the Sun will not rise!!! People win or loose because of their own abilities and confidence, not because somebody has advised them to fight!!!

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