Monday, January 4, 2010

Second Milestone- Aracati and Canoa

After getting customized to Brazilian food, weather, people and international work culture at Paracuru, the more confident feet moved to Canoa Quebrada. It was better than Paracuru, one of the famous tourist location from state Ceara.

We worked under a German installation manager, Rainer. A tall, handsome man with blue eyes and impressive looks. He knew six languages and that was the most useful thing about him for me . Although German, he was reasonable. He was very good at work and having a very good sense of humor. He was peculiar in his habit of listening. He will hardly pay attention to what others saying. You can never be sure about whether you conveyed him the message or not! All of a sudden say after 20 min you said him something, he can ask you the same thing again! The time I spent with him was very nice. I loved him for his work. In all my days in Brazil, I never came across a better manager than him on any site. I always liked to work with him, although most of us were having a different opinion.
"The Rainer"
Kirit and Partha, both were with me all the time here in Canoa and as they had more international exposure than me, they were always a supporting hand to me. They played important role in my stay here. Apart from this, two persons helped me a lot in Canoa and that too because of the fact that they knew a bit of English; namely Veronica and Fabio. Both of them used to work for our contractors. Veronica's mother used to a make a "Baba pizza" so nicely that I missed that pizza everywhere in my stay in other places of Brazil.

"Partha and Veronica"

I enjoyed my work here in Canoa and with passing days my heart was being customized here the Brazilian ways. I started learning their language, culture, food habits, people knowingly or unknowingly. I was liking Brazil by this time.

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