Sunday, January 3, 2010

"Mirante Das Gambosa" - Living place in Aracati

We, all Indians used to live in Aracati and our work was near to Canoa. We lived in same Pousada (this is how they call a resident hotel here in Brazil) named "Mirante Das Gambosa". The only good thing about this place was the swimming tank there. That was big enough to have fun.
Everything else there could make the life miserable. The first thing was it was too big with very less illumination . In the night, if you open the back window of your apartment, you will have a feel of staying in the graveyard. The noises of unknown animals in that darkness can be stressing. Bathrooms of the Pousada were free home to lizards, frogs and spiders. I feel lucky not to see any snake there! The trees planted there were the trees with very small leaves and many thorns. The seed carriers were yellow in color and used to fall all around in the ground. They never appeared green!

"Kirit and Partha with the only good thing in the pousada"
The walking track there was around a pond which used to smell worse than the garbage place. The range of internet was just enough to cover the reception so that more incoming suffers could come. There in reception we were gifted with mosquitoes who will not let you sit more than five minutes in rest. If I were the governor of state there, I would have declared that place for jail without any doubt!

I came to know that we are staying there because one of our colleague, very choosy about living places did not like in Canoa and he requested to shift us there. At that time I thanked him that if he is happy here, what could be Canoa!!!!!! But later I came to know Canoa was much better place to live. There I remembered a phrase from my mother tongue, people who are too choosy, generally end up with the worst!!!

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