Monday, January 4, 2010

Loneliness !!!!

Life teaches us many things on the way as we live. I realized why sometimes people prefer to be alone than in the group. It is simple to understand when we face it, hard to understand when someone else faces it.

Sometimes our lives become so empty because of loss of something so sudden, which has filled our lives to a great extent. It is the time when we start coming out of it and start again filling the space with some other things. Here exactly what we need is to be in a company which understands us and can help healing the effect or better to be alone. If we are in wrong company or with people which do not have heart or feelings to understand what goes inside us, (may be because they are like that or they do not care for us) we feel that same loneliness more intensely. Then the loneliness what we feel when alone is preferable than the loneliness we feel in presence of the company of such people. For them everything can be normal and natural but for us it is hard to be that way. Because we need some time to deal the way we were!

It is easy to make fun of people who are alone and want to be alone, but deep inside the reason they prefer to be alone lies among the company they get!!!!! That's why it is said, a friend in need, is a friend in deed! I am thankful for those who really understand me and help me healing my loneliness! Although few, they are the most important persons in my life. I will rather gather 4 if my life who can lift me up voluntarily when I die, rather than those thousands who will have to walk behind my funeral as a formality!!!!!!!!


  1. I agree with you. Just don't forget that sometimes being lonely just doesn't help. Because it's very important share how you feel with someone who is around, someone who will care about it, make you laugh when you need...
    Try this. You can't be an island! :)

  2. Thanks for ur advice anonymous.. I share with few very close to me.. thanks for ur support..

  3. nice post chetan...sometimes being lonely helps you to figure out where you stand and how you feel..but how long can u do it..u cannot run away from will keep following you..but you need sumone with whom you can share you thoughts then it feels better..if being single is extraordinaire then staying together is an experience in itself which can not be described...

  4. Dear Snehal,
    I am not running away from things. I know what I want and how I want. But everything what we want is not in our hand.. any way i am in touch with few about what I feel and i am recovering..

    I am not alone at all. I have many purposes still left in my life to live for. So will build on that... thanks for ur support anyways...