Saturday, January 2, 2010

Freedom kills!!!!

In the life when I had no option to choose, life was easy. I have done what I was supposed to do. There were no doubts or alternatives. There I always felt, what a life this is, I am heading to the direction life taking me and no room to decide anything. I thought, better I should quit. But there were still hopes which kept me dragging ahead.

Things changed. I become free of all bounding and enjoyed my life to the fullest. I did what I wanted to. But soon I realized, I am responsible for what I am doing and I will be one who will be blamed for what I did!!!!!

A sense of higher responsibility has made the life miserable. I understood to walk in a herd under the instructions of stick feels bad but it is too easy. To head a herd is hard. I become more constrained with freedom. I am not able to do what I really want in my life in complete freedom.

This is where a Guru plays important role in life. A complete surrender to a right Guru gives a great sense of freedom. He guides and protects, still we are free to choose. I am seeking a right Guru. I desperately need him. Hope I get him soon....

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