Sunday, December 20, 2009

Paracuru Rocks!!!!!!!!!!

"The landmark at Centro, Paracuru, Ceara State, Brazil"
Paracuru.. the first site where I started my work in Brazil. Although I visited Canoa Quebrada site before Paracuru for a little while, the actual work started in Paracuru.

Paracuru was the perfect place to live. The Pousada Vento Brasil was having every reason to be satisfied with. The beach was reasonably close to the hotel and was very beautiful. Niraj was with me and I never felt lonely. I was lucky in my tour of Brazil that I was never alone at any site in Brazil and specially in starting days where it was more important.

I had a lot of fun in Paracuru with Niraj. Niraj was a good company because most of my habits resembled him. He, just like me, never liked the headache of high decibels(which people call party) at the hours where human are supposed to sleep! We together were a good company to each other. We used to walk every evening in the small town starting from the Centro of Paracuru. Centro here in Brazil is a nice place for everybody. Generally it is like an open space in front of the main church in the town where many people sit together, talk and share their happiness and sorrows, children playing around, girls roaming, etc overall a happening place!
We used to walk and come back to the centro to become a part of life there. Niraj used to look at small children tirelessly finding them cute and innocent and I used to stare to their moms!!!!!!! For me, it was more important to look at them who gave (or in future are going to give) birth to such a cuteness and innocence!!!! Sundays were passed together roaming on the beach and water of Atlantic was real attraction to us.
We drove cars to and fro to the site in Paracuru. We both new learners of car were completely in fond of driving. We used to like the car we got and that was a truck called duplo. We used to drive to the restaurant near the site named kite surf which was really a place to give a chance to your tongue. Everything in that restaurant tasted good. It was also a center for kite surfing which I only saw in TV in India before.
"A beach view of Kite surf restaurant"
The actual lessons were learned since starting in Paracuru. As I was aware that things will be different here in Brazil and it was my first assignment outside India so I was quiet nervous at first. Then as I went along with, I realized the things and became confident. I have seen confident Europeans, slow Brazilians, cautious Indians and all blinds of people at work, although there were people to fall in exceptions as well. I realized the way people are today, are because the way they grown up.

Europeans became confident at the cost of availability they got in their lives to live with. Brazilians became slow as they did not need more than music and seafood which is available to them as the boon of nature. Indians were cautious always because they faced scarcities in their lives and were hold responsible for whatever they would commit!!!!!! Everybody got a reason to be the way they were. So I learned a lesson not to expect the way we are from others but to find out what they are and how to go along with them.

That's the reason I was comfortable with almost everybody (except for few Indians, sorry to say this but was a fact) and we reciprocated a lot love. Almost all people I met were nice and they found me nice too. I remembered the saying several times in Brazil that the world is the way you look at it!
"I am in pain, without nails"
Paracuru took me along with it, to give my heart a Brazilian touch! It was a place which I will never forget in my life. Thanks to all Gods who contributed this to happen!!!!


  1. baba ... tuje itna angreji aata hain karke pata hi nahi tha... ;)

    Will wait for your CAMOCIM episode

  2. Bhai
    Now i think u can express ur self very well.
    I seriously thinks that It will not be bad idea to think for writing as a profession may be u can replicate "Chetan Bhagat"
    i will be very proud in that case "Chetan Agrawal" Was my batch mate

  3. Thanks Vishal for ur confidence in me. Lets see how it goes!!!

  4. truely heart touching bro....
    A great experience which has/will made/make you so strong to face any situation in life.
    n yes ur writings will be better than Chetan Bhagat I would say.
    we too miss u a lot ...
    take care...

  5. Thanks bhai for the confidence in me... I too miss u a lot bhai.. :)