Thursday, December 17, 2009

Brazilian food and me!!!!!

I have been strictly vegetarian in my life till the date and I intend to be through out in my life. The day I reached Brazil I was not knowing a single word of Portuguese and I was only accompanied by Niraj who has been here for just few days before me. He showed me what veggie options I have and a thought came in my mind that life seems hard here. What I could have from the menu was white rice, noodles or salad. I thought it is impossible to drag it this way. But as I preferred to come by my choice and interest and also I prefer to be veggie as well, I decided to take it as an "Wrat (Rule)" and enjoy whatever I can eat. But as I started living here in Brazil soon I realized that food is not that bad what I thought of and I have many options to eat as well. It was just a matter of some words to learn and teach them to cook the way I wanna eat it! It was simple, either you change the system or you change yourself and I prefer always to change the system!

Before I came I was having an idea of what I will face here more or less. So my luggage was packed up with the maximum possible food options. I took pickle which has helped me a lot during my first days when I had white rice with boiled potatoes for few days. I was also packed with snacks because I knew I will miss it. During first trip to Brazil my preparations helped me a lot. For next trip, I was having customized food down here to the extent that I even felt that carrying anything is not necessary now.

There at every site I worked, I customized my food to the extent that it was absolutely unnecessary to order the food for me. All the staff of restaurants were knowing what I wanna eat. Even all the dishes which I customized and ate were famous with my name. Call it Baba arroz (Baba rice), Baba speggetti (Baba noodles) or Baba pizza!!!! It was amzing that few restaurants added that in menu card as Indian food!!!
The food in Brazil is just full of meat. But I just loved it by taking meat out of it. The food is not as spicy as in India but it is reasonable in taste and there are enough spices to give a good taste to your mouth. I even started loving Brazilian food to the extent that when I reached India after completing 11 months in Brazil for the first 3 days in Pune I just missed the food a cook used to cook for me there in Icarai site. I still get puzzled that it was her love for me or the taste in food that I missed her so much!!!!
I loved the Brazilian food and only thing which I felt is incomplete here is break-fast. I personally never had bread-butter-jam, fruits, juices, etc as break-fast. I never missed a lunch or dinner of India. But everyday I miss the Indian break-fast. My beloved tea!!!!!!!!! But it is alright now.

Just few pictures of the Brazilian food I am adding here for you all to just get a crux of actual instead of my customized.
Mouth watering na(Obviously for meat monsters) [ha ha ha]!!!!!!!!!!


  1. U forgot to mension Pizza Hut vegetarian pizza!!
    I won't ever forget Lord Krishna's bday!!!

  2. Thanks for reminding.. :)

    Good memories..

  3. we shared good memories in Icarai...thanks.. it was good revisiting those days again..

  4. NOw i understood how important it is to change system ,than always changing urself