Thursday, December 17, 2009


Traveling abroad was never my dream nor ever I had fantasy to fly!!! Brazil was just known to me as a country in South America and some jungles of Amazon!!! I was believing that it is a country of black people till the day I landed here!!! It was out of nowhere to reach Brazil this way and stay there like 15 months!!!! God knows what makes it happen that we get opportunities which were never thought! I got an opportunity to see this beautiful country for so long!
I have been in to just a corner of Brazil in the beautiful state Ceara in the north-east of Brazil, capitalized by city Fortaleza. Fortaleza is a beautiful city accompanied by beautiful beach and glorious infrastructure. This city has played an important role in my stay as I landed and took off from this place. I have been working in various places in this state namely Paracuru, Taiba, Beberibe, Lagoa da Mato, Camocim, Icarai de Amontada and Aracati (Canoa Quebrada). To best of my luck all these places are tourist locations accompanied by beautiful beaches and nature. I am blessed to see the natural beauty of these places which can not be caught in words but can only be felt.
I still remember the day I was supposed to Travel. My parents came to see me off. My beloved Didi-Jiju were with me too. I was a bit nervous. A thought ran into my mind that I will never be able to come back and that made me feel like crying. First time I noticed, I loved my world so much and I am flying out of it. I was knowing that my parents also had some mixed feelings and that's where I could not cry in front of them. If I would have cried there, it would have been very difficult to leave from there. At last I entered the airport to cross all horizons! Then I was a brave boy to face anything which will come in front. I took my maiden flight from Mumbai for Brazil. The glamor in flying first time and going abroad was just lost as I landed in Dubai. Lastly after tiring journey, I reached Brazil...
I was little disappointed to see that an abroad country has nothing different. Here the Sun rises in morning, moon is visible in nights, they have oceans, air, water, light: all that what we had for us in India as well!!! First time a thought ran in my mind that they are not different, they laugh, they cry, they feel, they talk, they miss, they meet, they eat, they drink, we are not really different. Boundaries are human!!! Later when I started living here I realized everything was the same here. The fruits, trees, climate, people, rules and many things. With little bit of difference everything was the same except the culture we have in India. I never felt that I am in an other country which is so far from India. I just felt that I am in other state of India.
The biggest problem I faced here was the communication as Brazil speaks Portuguese. I am still learning this language but now I have enough hold to carry out my daily activities. People here are very good in nature and they mix readily. Before I came to Brazil an image was created in my mind that Brazil is a criminal's land and it is very unsafe to roam around. But this was completely a misconception although I have seen some thefts and stabbings here. I just felt it very normal if I ever compare to crime in my own land.

During this long stay I had many memories which I can not captured in this post. So much more to come in series. Keep an eye!!!


  1. Chetya......Its really great to see you on blog & expressing your views & wonderful experience about the life in Brazil as well as delicate situation which you have face at Airport in front of your parents.

  2. thanks a lot dear.. keep an eye.. more to come!!!!

  3. I love the way you write. Your posts are full of honesty and innocence. Sooo YOU!

    I laughed a lot!
    "Here the Sun rises in morning, moon is visible in nights, they have oceans, air, water, light: all that what we had for us in India as well!"


    Who is ur beloved Didi-Jiju?
    I love the part when u talked abt ur parents at the airport...


  4. Thanks Rebeca for ur sweet words. They will inspire me to write more!

    My beloved Didi-Jiju is nothing but Rachana-Aviansh.

    Thanks once again.


  6. hi meu amigo, i hope you find your way next year,everthing good for you, you deservet,see you next year, still write like on this blog, you have great future

  7. Thanks a lot Antonio. Happy new year to u too. See u next year. Thanks for sharing time in this blog.