Saturday, December 19, 2009

Brazil and my birthday!!!!!!

The day I landed in Brazil was my birthday!!!! 17th August 2008!!! What a great birthday gift to have!!! But soon I realized, I am all alone! I was not having any contact number and even my internet was not yet configured. Nobody could reach me anyway...

I generally wake up early. So I wake up like 6 am and the time was just not moving. Till 10 am I was just feeling like eras passed in despair. I could not believe that a birthday can go like that. In India, the phone never used be calm on my birthday! That's reason for me to take off on my birthday! Here I was just dragging it bit by bit, completely alone.

Around 10 am Niraj called me. He was in the same hotel as of me and he was aware I was there. I realized for the first time in my life that how important it is to have people to whom we know around us. That's the reason we make new contacts where ever we go. Human are social animals.

Niraj wasn't that close to me before he meet me that day. His presence was so special to me that day that it carved an everlasting impression on my memory. He helped me out with everything that day first to wish me, welcomed me, managed my food and helped me out to get going in that world of complete loneliness. In that world, it was a great feel to have a friend, who speaks my language, can understand me and hold my hand for a while, the one on whom I can really rely on! He took me out to have coconut water and I realized, I never enjoyed that before like that. Popcorn on the street tasted better that day. Beach appeared to be pleasant. We spent good time together thereafter and became good friends.

Next year, after completing my 11 months in Brazil, I improved my mistake and I managed such that that I landed in India on morning of my birthday. All my people called me, I spent it with family and had fun. Nothing was extra-ordinary that day as compared to my other birthdays in India, but I felt it so special after spending a birthday in Brazil.

We only realize the importance of the things we have in our life after we miss them!!! How unfair this is... I have learned in my life from this to take care of everything in my life and give it the importance it deserves. So that I no more have to regret anything in life.

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